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Mokuyi-KinasióWolf Head. Wolf Head Is living
to-day (1928) on the Blackfoot Indian Reserv-
ation at Gleichen, Alberta. The story of how he
'came to his "medicine33 3 Is the most remarkable
that I have known among many renowned medi-
cine-men of the North-Western Plains. Wolf
Head is now 83 years old, and he is still more
powerful among the Northern Blackfeet than their
head chief.

Head Chief Running Rabbit, of the Blackfeet,
has said this to me: 'Wolf Head holds far more
power among the Blackfeet than I do. But I do
not mind it. I like it, because it was Wolf Head
who made me what I am. I owe to him every-
thing I have accomplished/

That Wolf Head has a unique power that is un-
explainable even to a highly educated white man
is admitted by the present Blackfoot Indian
Agent3 George H. Gooderham, a graduate of
Toronto University-, a white man who was born
among Indians and has no queer notions about
what they can, or cannot, do.

The remarkable power of Wolf Head's medi-
cine Is said to be due to the fact that It came from
the elements themselves. He is said to have the
Tower of Thunder'. However that may be, the
story of how he came Into this uncanny medicine
is known, and was witnessed, by every surviving
Blackfoot warrior. And here is how it happened: